Communify QLD is committed to continually improving our services to the community.

Compliments, suggestions and complaints are very welcome as they assist us to identify what we are doing well and where we may be able to improve our services.

Any person who makes a complaint will NOT be discriminated against or disadvantaged in any current or future dealings with Communify QLD.

Compliments will be fed back to the relevant service to be shared with staff. Suggestions will be taken to the appropriate forum for review, discussion and consideration. Complaints will be investigated and if requested, you will be informed of any action taken and/or decisions made.

For complaints that are not satisfactorily resolved internally, external avenues are available through other agencies, for example, Advocacy Services. Details of these agencies will be provided by the Chief Executive Officer as necessary and appropriate.

You can provide feedback by speaking to our staff either on the phone or face to face, by filling in the form below or by printing the pdf form and returning it to:

The Quality & Practice Manager
Communify QLD
180 Jubilee Terrace

Your comments can remain anonymous but if you would like a response please provide your contact details.

Thank-you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

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