Green Corner Community Garden

Green corner logoThe Ashgrove Green Corner originally started as a community development project undertaken by local organisations to establish a multifaceted amenity for broad community use. The original aim for the garden was to provide a meeting place for those isolated in the community to come together and enjoy purposeful productive activities in a welcoming environment.

Green Corner is located on the corner of Waterworks Road and Jubilee Terrace Ashgrove, on a portion of unused land owned by the Department of Main Roads.

This community garden provides a rare space in the inner city for people to come together to grow edible plants, to learn skills, build friendships and to experience the joy that gardening together can bring.

Garden members usually have their own plot to tend and share the work of maintaining the communal areas, creating energy rich compost and will also come together for social catch ups. Together, garden members will plan working bees and will work closely with Communify staff on identifying projects and priorities. 

To see our latest projects in the garden or to get in touch, please visit the Green Corner Facebook page

Green Corner is grateful to have had many of its projects supported through Brisbane City Council’s grants programs.