Politics in The Pub now in Your Loungeroom

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

If you missed our last Politics in the Pub discussion on the health of Australian democracy, don’t despair. Get up to speed with the expert opinions on informal voting, political leadership, the rise of minor parties, alternative politics and much much more by listening to our podcast. Recorded on the night, the podcast captures all the drama of the debate. Hosted by senior ABC political reporter Chris O’Brien, the panel featured ALP State Secretary Evan Moorhead, GetUp’s QLD Coordinator Ellen Roberts, Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri and the H.R. Nicoll’s Society’s John Slater.

You can automatically receive the audio from each new Politics in the Pub event by subscribing to the podcast via iTunes; find it by searching “Politics in the Pub”. There are also photos of the evening here on our Facebook page.