Aged people and their carers

Keeping Your Independence

Most people, as they get older, prefer to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

Remaining at home is achievable when the right services and supports are available. We can provide the assistance you choose that will make managing at home easier, safer and more comfortable. We have a range of support options and activities that you can choose from to keep you healthy, active and connected. Our services include
Home Help
Personal Care
Home Care Packages

We can help with many everyday things from bathing and dressing to home maintenance, domestic chores, laundry and cooking. We can support you getting to medical appointments, the shops or regular activities. We can also match you with a local volunteer who can visit you regularly at home or help with your shopping.

For Carers

Supporting an older relative or friend to live independently can be satisfying and rewarding but can also be, at times, exhausting, challenging and even overwhelming.

Our services can help you with some of the tasks that you are taking care of, at least for some of the time so that you can take the time to care for yourself, to work and to rest. Taking care of your needs will help you better fulfil and enjoy your caring role.

Our carers’ group meets regularly to  offer information and support to people who are caring for others. Talking about your challenges and sharing the wisdom you have learnt through your invaluable role can be helpful for you and the group.

Get in touch: Phone our Aged & Disability Services Team (over 65) on 3368 3723 or email