Copy of _Bouncing Back_Handball is the most awesome universal game ever.
At the Bouncing Back Handball Festival we will be playing Championship Matches between 2 players at a time.

Other social games of 4-square and ins and outs won’t require scoring.

Please read these rules carefully. You will need to agree to play by these rules, to be fair and to have fun before we will accept your player registration.



The winner of the game is the player who reaches eleven points first. The winner must win by two points. The game will continue past eleven if necessary in order for the winner to win by two points.


  • The serve will be decided by choosing a hand of the referee that is holding an object behind the referee’s back. The player who chooses the correct side, either left or right will serve first.
  • Service must be made using one hand, and must first bounce in the server’s square, before the opponent’s. The serve must be above the knee and ‘decent’ (i.e. hittable) or the opponent can call for a replay.
  • There are NO faults – a false serve is a lost point.
  • After 5 serves, service alternates between players.


  • Return can be made with any part of the body or apparel.
  • Return must first bounce in your own square, before your opponent’s.
  • A ball can be returned without it having bounced in your own square first.
  • Ball must only bounce off the surface of court – not off walls or other surfaces.


  • Out – if the ball lands outside the lines
  • Full – if the ball does not bounce in your square first after you hit it
  • Doubles – if the ball bounces twice in your square before you hit it
  • Double touch – if you touch the ball twice before it leaves your square
  • Woops – if you miss or fail to hit the ball after it has landed in your square
  • Grabs – if you grab the ball before or during a hit
  • Played On – if you return a Full from your opponent

The referee can call a replay on a point if:

  • Lines – the ball lands on any of the lines
  • Rolls – if the ball is so low that you can’t tell if it has air or not!
  • Interference/Into – if a foreign object enters the square and interrupts play (i.e. a spectator, a rock or sibling)
  • Decent – the serve is ugly and unfair

Please note: The Referee’s decision is final, and the Replay never lies!