Hello Neighbour! ..we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Posted on Jun 17, 2010

We’re Communify Qld. We’ve been working with this community for over 30 years to develop and deliver locally based services and activities in response to the issues and opportunities that life can present.

We offer services that enable us to reach out, advocate, connect, inform and offer support around people’s needs, interests and issues.

If we can help you in any way, or if you would like us to connect with someone you know who might need our support, our door is always open.

We could do with a hand

We’re always really busy and right now, more than ever, we could use a hand. We rely on volunteers to stretch our limited resources and to help with some of the simple things that preserve people’s independence and quality of life.

It can be as easy as driving someone to an appointment, picking up their shopping or dropping in to say hello. It’s these small things that make a difference. There are a heap of ways to get involved with Communify that can fit with your time, interests and talents.

From supporting a neighbour to offering your professional skills to our organisation, everyone can contribute to creating a caring and inclusive community. It can be as little or as much as you would like to give.