LGBTI Community Survey

Posted on Sep 8, 2015

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Research indicates that members of the LGBTI community are some of the most stigmatised individuals in society. Within this group, transgender people are arguably the most vulnerable to prejudice from others. They are often the recipients of abuse and assault from other members of the community. This experience is compounded in lower socio economic groups, due to factors such as lack of education.

Problems are frequently experienced by transgender people, when residing in shared accommodation with other community members e.g. emergency, boarding or social housing. Current community housing options offer limited safe places for transgender clients to live.

It is the aim of this project, to establish a safe and appropriate living environment for transgender people. It is envisaged that PIR will partner with one or more community housing organisations, to provide this specialised accommodation for the transgender community.

PIR is seeking input from the community, on how to best meet the needs of this target group. If you are an LGBTI community member, a worker in the LGBTI sector, or anyone else who feels they have a good grasp on the needs of transgender people, please help us by completing this survey. Please click here to complete the survey.