Wheels to the Future

Posted on Nov 23, 2015

There are over 3000 people in Queensland who are here seeking asylum, who want to build a new life and contribute to their new community. One of the most useful skills to acquire first is a licence to drive with an understanding of Australian road rules. With a licence comes connection to society, access to education and work, financial empowerment and independence and opportunities to give back to society. Many asylum seekers have dependent families so having a driver in the family makes a big difference to many – shopping, schools, friends, jobs.

Driving lessons, use of good cars to learn in, practice with experienced drivers and obtaining a licence are prohibitively expensive.

We have been able to source discounted driving lessons for asylum seekers from a range of local driving lesson organisations.

Your donation will fund driving lessons which will be discounted to around $50 per lesson.

Please join us in providing at least 500 driving “wheels to the future” lessons to people seeking asylum and a future in Queensland.

Watch the video and donate now! Click here.